Oh so Capitol

So, today I travelled with a superb high-tech fast train and right now I’m in a totally big apartment on the top floor and it all would be totally cool if it wasn’t the fact that tomorrow morning I have to participate in a slaughter… em, I mean, a test in German.

I didn’t know we had a pool!


Every time I went back home after work I looked at that road going straight between the fields into the unknown. And I wondered what’s there but always found millions of other things to do at home (like, pointless facebook browsing). And it’s been going like that for 2.5 months, also since I’ve moved there.

Until today.

While the will of going out has not faded yet, I borrowed my cousin’s bike and went for a ride. And you know what, IT TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL out there! There are fields and tree alleys and little forests and everything. It’s just like having Shire on the doorstep. And for over 2 months I had totally no idea about it.

I’m sick if my internship. I’m sick if having to interact with all these people.
Especially that they already know I’m awkward, it’s getting harder and harder not to behave awkwardly.

lame joke alert

Finally, my German exercise book turned out to be somehow useful.
While I was doing some damn listening exercises, a fly which had been annoying me for two days sat on it. And I succeeded in closing the book quick enough.

I dare to say, the fly did nazi that coming.

Barely did I enjoy the fact that I slept for 10 hours and already news that one of my cats is puking and hid itself under the sofa and there’s no way to get it out.

How can I concentrate and prepare myself for the damn fucking shitty test next week?

I just want September to be over.


Photography: Faery Tea Set, by Twig And Toadstool.

Photography: Faery Tea Set, by Twig And Toadstool.

I bought a moleskine

I bought a moleskine

I bought a madafucking moleskine

It has the most awesome paper ever, really good with writing with a pen, a pencil, anything. I started doodling already. Despite the calendar already started in July, I’m gonna doodle all over it. Enjoy to the whole the temporariness of the calendar, fill it and screw it and personalize it all when it’s still valid. There’s no reason of keeping it untouched on the shelf because it’s for use only in this moment and before I will notice it will be gone. And it will be much more fun to have a moleskine full of doodles, random things and everything that once was contemporary rather than another almost-not-used planner.

How shall I do properly at social interacting when it means sitting one hour long in the full midday sun and my skin is so sensitive that I can’t stand longer than 15 minutes? I tried to make it and right now I feel like my face is burning. And it’s a totally shitty situation because I’m there sitting inside and I’m gonna be treated like an oversensitive, immature, unsociable weakling once again.

Hey, you. We still have an extraordinarily good contact and that’s awesome. But judging me and telling me what to do is not nice at all, especially that I’m not doing the same thing to you.

You tell me there’s no life without a sex life and someday I’ll understand it, and for now I should finally go ahead and spend more time flirting with boys and going to dates.

You know, there actually are moments when I feel that I’m not alive, but just undead. But it’s usually early in the morning before I have my coffee.

And that’s no reason to judge my life as a whole. There are lots of other things I do very well in. And I’m not sticking my nose into your sex life because I consider it your private business I have nothing to do with.